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PDA or Smart Phone – What’s the Diff?

PDAs are handheld computers originally designed as a type of personal organizer. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistants. They are sometimes regarded as palmtops or pocket computers and have become much more versatile over the years.

Personal digital assistants have many uses. It can be a calendar and clock or calculator. It can be used to access the internet, play computer games, receive and send emails, or type in word processors. You can also record videos, play music files or store contact numbers and addresses.

The latest PDA features include both audio capabilities and color screens, suited as a web browser, mobile phone or portable media player. One of the most important characteristics of a PDA is the touch screen. The typical one can function as a fax sender, cellular phone, personal organizer and web browser. Unlike a portable computer, most types of PDAs began as pen-based, using a stylus rather than a keyboard for input.

Although numerous early PDAs have no memory card slots, most have either a compact flash slot or a secure digital card (SD). The newer models can be inserted with usb flash drives for external memory.

A significant function of PDAs includes synchronizing data with a computer. It prevents losing information stored on it, in case it is stolen, destroyed or lost. The transferred data will serve as a backup.

If the Palm OS PDA began the age of electronics and mobile communication as well as organization, the Blackberry Personal Digital Assistant caught up quickly. Both have internet abilities and email. Blackberry PDAs are designed for short text messages, while higher-end Palm OS PDAs pose as a convergence device, often doubling as a message and phone server.

When buying such a device, determine the amount of money you are willing to spend. Both operating systems that come in PDAs vary a lot in price. Determine your main need for a PDA. It could be for email, calendar, wireless internet access or other organization needs. It is possible that a simple Blackberry can meet your needs for a lot less money compared to a more highly developed Treo unit from Palm.

Make notes throughout an average day and see which function of your PDA you use the most. If you frequently send larger email, Treo is the better option.

Research the products of both Blackberry and Palm and then decide which of the two best fit your lifestyle. Both are undoubtedly good brands or they would not sell so well in the marketplace. But no matter how many reviews you read regarding these two brands, it will still boil down to your personal needs, preferences and way of life.

Use the information you collected in testing PDAs and base your choice on the most essential functions it offers.


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