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Dvorak for Mobile Phones?

I am a fan of the Dvorak keyboard and alternate between it and Qwerty at home. I hope someone comes up with a cell phone that can give me the same capabilities in a mobile phone. With all the texting and typing we do these days, it would be good to avoid muscle stress from unnecessary keyboard strokes, which is what the Dvorak keyboard is designed to provide…less tired muscles. The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow typists down because in the first typewriters, fast typing jammed the machines. Now the QWERTY layout is working against all of us.

I tried to find a Dvorak app for my G1 but did not succeed. I then went to the official T-Mobile forum and read a short thread in which I learned that so far a Dvorak keyboard is not available.

To change to Dvorak on your computer in a Windows operating system, follow these steps:
Start Menu
Control Panel
Classic View
Regional and Language Options
Text Services and Input Languages
Keyboard layout/IME
Select Dvorak
Close Control Panel

If you are a true touch-typist, you will not need to buy a special Dvorak keyboard, or a Dvorak skin for your QWERTY keyboard. One frugal alternative, if you must look at the keys, is to pop off the plastic keys on a QWERTY and put them back on in the DVORAK layout.

Dvorak Keyboard


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